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We are a diverse team hailing from various countries including Norway, Spain, Poland, and Slovakia. United by our shared passion for hospitality, we have come together in the enchanting region of Andalusia. At Entre Palmeras Restaurant, we take great joy in welcoming guests and creating memorable experiences. Through our culinary creations, exquisite cocktails, and carefully curated wine selections, we aim to showcase our unique identity. Your satisfaction and the opportunity to host you repeatedly bring us immense joy.
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Our Events

At Entre Palmeras Restaurant & Rooftop Bar we develop several events and concepts. Here are a few of them:


Every Sunday between 13:00 and 16:00 we organize Roast where you can enjoy great meat of the highest quality. The head chef takes care of preparing beef, pork, poultry and vegetarian options in the best possible way. Delicious food and drinks buffet for €38 per person.


This event is our proposal for a journey through local products, wine and perfectly matched cocktails. Our experts want to introduce you to their passion and creative soul, take you on a magical culinary and beverage experience.

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Every day between 16:00 and 18:00 in our fantastic Bar on the Rooftop bar manager Dawid serves selected classic and original cocktails as part of happy hour. During this time, if you order a selected cocktail, you will receive it twice!



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Our Experts

At Entre Palmeras we are proud to have experts in their field on board. Our team is a collection of people full of energy and ready for challenges. Each of us is interested in his profession and does not miss any opportunity to learn more and more. We believe that a friendly atmosphere among our employees affects how our guests feel. We are always ready at your service!
Kajetan Fryca
Experience high-quality hospitality with our Food & Beverage Manager and Host, Kajetan Fryca. With a background in Hotel Management and Tourism, Kajetan has gained valuable experience in F&B management across various locations including the Canary Islands, Mallorca, Thailand, and Zurich. Need help to choose the perfect wine? Ask Kajetan, a licensed sommelier with excellent connections to local wine suppliers. He will find a unique bottle, especially for you.
Jozef Riska
A skilled chef hailing from Slovakia, is the mastermind behind our exceptional culinary experience. With nearly 20 years of experience in the culinary world, Jozef's journey began in London, where he honed his skills and worked his way up through various roles in professional kitchens. Eventually, he became a Head Chef in some of Bratislava's finest hotels and restaurants. Not only that, Jozef is also the founder of an outdoor fine dining project and a respected teacher at Slovakia's most renowned cooking school.
Dawid Fierek
The creative soul at Entre Palmeras, also already well-known in Alcaidesa, is our bar supervisor Dawid Fierek. He is the creator and executor of his own signature cocktail menu. Thanks to the experience he gained in Hard Rock Café in London and Tenerife, as well as many leading bars in Poland, Dawid knows the combinations, which you cannot taste in ordinary bars. He spends much of his time making his own ingredients, drinks, infusions and cordials. With fresh ingredients and spirits that we bring from all over the world, he has something very special to offer. Dave's second passion after bartending is music, which he personally selects every day at Rooftop Bar.


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